Shaft Grounding Brushes
Shaft Earthing Brushes

Arrangement of Fiber Brush Types

Type "L", "LW", or "S" ("tooth brush types"): Brushes can be installed in virtually any position with respect to the shaft, i.e. tangential, or axial (riding against shaft parallel to the centerline), or against the shaft end. They may be positioned against the top or bottom of the shaft, or anywhere in-between.

Type "A" ("plunger type'): For axial or radial arrangement, can be installed in the same shaft contact positions as type "L" & "S" but it is especially suited for axial installation against the shaft end, and for other arrangements where machine configurations are not suitable for types "S" or "L". The end cover (axial) arrangement is often the only possible way to install a brush while the machine is in operation. The features of type "A" are especially desirable for field retrofitting, but the design is not quite as simple and rugged as type "L" and "S", and the brush contact area is slightly less than type "S".

Arrangements of Brush Types L, LW and SArrangements of Brushtype A

Note: For convenience, Fig.1 and 2 show several Fiber Brushes arranged in one location. However, usually only one Fiber Brush is required per location.

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