Shaft Grounding Brushes
Shaft Earthing Brushes

Grounding Brushes

Sohre Turbomachinery® Inc. provides high performance, high reliability bristle type fiber brushes for use in shaft grounding (shaft earthing) of all types of stray electrical shaft currents. The brushes can also be used for instrument signal transmission and generator or electric motor on-line diagnostic work.

Installable and serviceable during operation. For damage prevention by measuring and grounding stray currents of any origin in: Turbines, Compressors, Generators, Motors, Gears, Ship Propeller Shafts, or other rotating equipment. Because no maintenance or cleaning is usually necessary, the fiber brushes are especially useful in radiation control areas.

Failure to properly ground rotating shafts can result in unexpected outages and expensive damage, such as bearing failure due to spark erosion (sometimes called electrolysis). Catastrophic wrecks are a possibility. Technical papers on this subject are available.

In addition to their use as shaft grounding brushes (earthing brushes), the brushes are also suitable for the transmission of instrument signals from a rotor without the use of special slip rings. This allows continuous monitoring of parameters such as voltage, vibration and torque during normal field operation.

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