We offer the following services, helping your machines run better and longer.

Onsite services so you can do your job, your machine can do its work, and your plant can complete its mission.

Shaft Voltage Measurement

Shaft voltage measurement and grounding evaluation is a proven tool to prevent reliability issues relating to electrical discharges. Measurement and analysis of shaft voltage is effective for evaluating and establishing solutions to either mitigate an ongoing problem or prevent one from developing.

Demagnetizing Services

Experiencing excessive machine part wear, increased vibration or temperature, false electrical runout? Magnetically induced electrical currents are invisible forces that are often at the root of machine issues that defy all troubleshooting efforts. If the normal troubleshooting efforts are not addressing the reliability issues on your rotating machinery, contact us, we will work together to find the right solution for you.

Welding Support

Experiencing arc blow or just want to get ahead of any potential issues arising from residual magnetism? We are ready to help.