Degaussing cables surround turbine

Residual magnetism is a concern for most industries. If left undetected, the resultant damage will only compound, triggering unscheduled and costly shutdowns.

Our trained personnel can conduct Magnetic Surveys and On-site Demagnetizing.

Causes of Residual Magnetism

  • Magnetic tools such as magnetic chucks, magnetic base drills, and magnetic base indicators
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)
  • Induced magnetism through machining, abrasion,
    friction between the parts and tools
  • Magnetized parts introduced into the machine such as a magnetized gears or bearings
  • Prolonged exposure to magnetic fields such as power
    lines, the Earth’s magnetic field, etc.
Gas turbine

Consequences in Rotating Equipment Industry

Electrical discharge damage can result in:

  • Early wear on components
  • Frosting, pitting or spark tracks rotating parts
  • Increased operating temperatures
  • Melting or welding or couplings and bearings
  • False sensor readings and alarms
    • Electrical runout
    • Temperature spikes
    • False vibration readings

Consequences in Manufacturing

  • Early wear on components
  • Attaching/adhering of chips, tools
  • Sensor misinformation
  • Residual magnetism in end product
  • Measurement errors
  • Impedes production processes
  • Surface irregularities
  • Irregularities in chroming processes
  • Friction